At What Age is Wine at It’s Best

Drinking Perfectly. At What Age is Wine at It’s Best: Tasting Follow Up

Tuesday 15th August

Bocca Restaurant


Diemersdal Sauvignon blanc 2015,2016,2017

Vondeling Babiana ,2010,2012,2015

Eagles nest Shiraz,2009,2012,2015

Delaire Botmanskop 2010, 2012,2015

The Idea of the tasting was to establish at what age a wine would drink optimally. Granted there are various external factors such as storage to consider. However, in broad strokes, keeping as many factors within our control equal, we would attempt to see the influence time would have on the wines and if indeed as it is often described, does wine get better with age.

The wines were all supplied and in some instances generously donated from the respective farms vinotechs. All the wines were served in the same glasses and at the same temperature.

The wines selected were all highly acclaimed and well reputed examples. Indeed, there were 5 5 star platter wines in the line-up.

The wines were poured in four flights, different vintages in each glass. The panel were aware of the wines and the various vintages in the flight, they were however unaware of which vintage was in each glass. They were tasked with righting a note, scoring them and arranging them in order, from their favourites to their least favourites. At the end of the tasting the vintages were revealed and rather surprising results ensued.

From the sauvignon flight the unanimous favourite was the 2017, followed by the 2016 and then the 2015

From the Babianna flight the unanimous favourite was the 2012, followed by the 2010 and then the 2015

From the Shiraz flight the favourite was the 2012 followed by the 2009 and the 2015. This was a slightly obscured result as the 2015 had just been bottled. Nonetheless it was a fantastic opportunity to taste the wine at such an early stage in its development. It was the general feeling by all that it will turn out to be an outstanding wine.

From the Botmanskop flight the favourite was the 2010 followed by the 2012 and the 2015

The results were very interesting, certainly the preference with sauvignon was to drink it young.

The result from the white showed that the development in the older wines was greatly appreciated, though the 2010 might have been slightly just passed its best

The result from the reds also varied, though unanimously the youngest wines scored the least. The older 2009 shiraz lost out only slightly to the still youthful 2012. Though it was a close-run thing. Would perhaps go as far as saying on a different day the results could have been reversed.

It was unanimous with the Botmanskop that it improved with age which is very much in line with conventional thinking with respect Bordeaux style wines.

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