SASA Member passes ASI Sommelier Certification

SASA is proud to announce that Jean-Vincent Ridon, a previous board member of the association,

has passed his ASI (Association de la Sommellerie International) Sommelier Exams with Gold merit in

Salzburg, Austria.

This makes Jean-Vincent one of 47 ASI graduate sommeliers worldwide this year, and one of only 16

achieved with distinction.

As a member organisation of ASI, SASA aims to host the ASI certification exams locally in 2018 to

allow our members in South African the opportunity to gain this accreditation here. Individuals

interested in sitting the exam can contact us on

This serves as very positive preparation for Jean-Vincent as he will also be representing South Africa

in the Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa competition coming up in May in Vienna, Austria.

Jean Vincent confirms: “I am so proud to the first sommelier in Africa to receive this international

qualification. It is now my duty to help prepare SASA candidates to achieve this Diploma, and

transfer my skill to the young upcoming generation of South African sommeliers”

SASA is a non-profit organization and aims to offer its services to local and international Sommeliers,

in being the contact and network portal for those local and international.  The association aims to

provide training and mentorships to guarantee the continuous development of professional

standards of the highest level. It will also liaise (or partner) with associations from other countries

and will therefore act as an official representative of its professional membership within South


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